A Brighter World for Generation

Before we get ahead of our degree programmes, welcome to the world of Ramaas University. A world of opportunities beckons you and a sense of possibility fills the air as you step into our undergraduate, postgraduate and online course certificates.

Our Vision is Changing the Nation Through Higher Education

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How can we change our society to a new civilization?

That’s the first question our university’s president, Abdijabaar Sh. Ahmed, asked himself. What does he mean, exactly?

His answer:

“Through research, delivering required knowledge, will advance building strong institutions, poverty reduction, and inclusive politics to create a better world for generation and will have a transformative impact on society through continual innovation in public policy, leadership, science and research, economics, and entrepreneurship so people can live in safer and more justice.”

The goal is to provide an extraordinary faculty to the top students in the African continent. Abdijabaar Sh. Ahmed, now honorary president of Ramaas University, acquired the institution in 2021. After streamlining its activities, he immediately focused on attaining recognition from Ministry of Education, Culture & Higher Education in Somalia, cooperating researchers, and organizations to gain acknowledgement. Therefore, Ramaas University upgraded its range of academic programs. Students graduating from Ramaas University not only earn private degrees from Ramaas, but also experiences and skills needed to solve complex challenges, make effective decisions, and contribute meaningfully to organizations of all types, as well as society at large.

Ramaas University is involved in many national and international partnerships and collaborations.

The Ramaas University has five faculties:

Explore nearly four centuries of history

At Ramaas University, we immerse students in a real-world qualified academic programmes, bringing ideas to life through guest speaker sessions, case studies, scientific solution and internships, among others. The University offers both a four-year undergraduate program and 2 years post-graduate program. 

Faculty of Government and Defense

Faculty of Economics, Innovation and Management

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Faculty of Education, Arts and Sciences

Faculty of Medicine and Public Health

Ramaas’s fully active learning in innovative curriculum, and immersive student experiences are structured to teach students the skills needed to solve complex challenges, make effective decisions, and contribute meaningfully to organizations of all types, as well as the whole society.

At Ramaas, we welcome the new with a heightened focus on educational excellence, enhanced student experience and the quality education we provide. We exist, because to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for a world that desperately needs men and women who can think critically and creatively, who can communicate and work with others around the world.

The main objectives of Ramaas University are the discovery of new knowledge through our dedicated academic faculties, scholarship and research, the teaching and general development of students, and the transmission of knowledge and learning – Because the goal is to change the nation tthrough hhigher education.

Ramaas University provides a vibrant cultural, outdoor and social life with many opportunities for work experience while students are at the University and after their graduation. We provides avenues for practical experience and encourages students to examine critically and think creatively about politics and public issues. Ramaas University all about student success in education and in life.

What Our Students Saying

Through a combination of lectures, readings, discussions, students will gain a solid foundation in educational psychology.

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

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