Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics

In UNIGOVEC’s bachelor’s degree program in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, you will study with peers from around the world, address some of the key questions for humanity today from several perspectives, learn to present your ideas and knowledge effectively, and prepare for exciting careers.

Bachelor of philosophy, politics and economics is the study of the great modern works of economic, social, political and philosophical thought would have a transformative effect on students’ intellectual lives, and thereby on society at large.

This program brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the world around us, developing skills useful for a wide range of careers and activities.

Why should I study Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics?

The Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics is designed for those who want to understand human communities and society. The program trains future leaders and professionals to make a difference in all walks of life. Students will learn to integrate knowledge, by focussing on how society can either promote or thwart human flourishing.

This degree program will equip you to be attentive to the role of politics and economics within society, and the importance of civil disagreement in the public square. All students have the opportunity to undertake an internship during their degree. The program also includes the option for an accelerated pathway toward a Masters degree.


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Ramaas University is one of the most prestigious universities in the country founded within the tradition to develop problem-solvers, entrepreneurs, governance, and wise leaders; and weave them together as one community to address the greatest challenges we're facing today.

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