Fundamentals of Project Management

This Fundamentals of Project Management creates the foundation for improving performance at companies and individuals through effective project management. This course will teach you the most important aspects of project management in a clear and simple manner. There are certain project phases, tools, and resources that every project manager needs to know in order to complete a project properly. This course will guide you through all of them, so that you can give your project management skills, and your r?sum?, a boost today.


To qualify for your official Somalism?s Certificate, you must study and complete all learning outcomes and score 70% for your course assessment. After you complete successfully, Somalism will provide you, your certificate.

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Ramaas University is a private, non-profit higher educational institution and one of the accredited and most prestigious universities founded within the tradition to develop problem-solvers, entrepreneurs, research and science, governance, and wise leaders; and weave them together as one community to address the greatest challenges we’re facing today. Because our degree programme and Online course certifications are designed to develop the leaders and problem-solvers of our future.

Project Management

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