Marketing Associate Degree

Marketing Associate Degree

An associate’s degree in Marketing & Public Relations can lead you a career in sales, customer service, public relations, and advertising. During an undergraduate program in marketing, student will be involved with coursework that teaches them about the management and promotional side of business.

You’ll develop critical-thinking skills that tap the left and right sides of your brain, enhancing your creativity and strategic thinking. You’ll also gain a strong foundation in an essential aspect of business that can open doors to many opportunities.

An associate degree in marketing prepares graduates for entry-level jobs in business and marketing, including advertising sales and non-technical manufacturing sales. Students in associate-level marketing programs develop business and marketing foundations that lead to professional opportunities and further training.

Marketing is essential to the success of every business-whether large or small, profit or nonprofit, product or service-oriented. As a graduate of the The University of Government and Economics Marketing program you will have the skills to succeed in many business occupations in industrial, wholesale, retail and service areas. In the Marketing Associate Degree program, specific areas of study include: quality customer service to satisfy customer needs; identify, research and analyze target markets; digital marketing, including commerce strategies; presentation skills; basic graphic design skills; video for social media marketing; promotions, including advertising, public relations and media selection.

It’s your time to advance your career in marketing. The associate degree in marketing is a perfect stepping-stone to our bachelor of Marketing and Public Relations degree online, since all credits can seamlessly move from one program to the next.

Graduates will be able to:?

  • Promote products, services, images and/or ideas to achieve a desired outcome
  • Evaluate information through the market research process to make business decisions
  • Prepare selling strategies
  • Develop strategies to anticipate and satisfy market needs

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Job positions for Marketing Associate Degree

  1. Brand Manager/Business Manager
  2. Customer Service Representative
  3. Marketing Assistant
  4. Public Relations and Advertising Assistant
  5. Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur
  6. Marketing Coordinator
  7. Marketing Research Assistant
  8. Sales Merchandiser
  9. Retail Manager
  10. Assistant Manager
  11. Department Manager
  12. Inside and Field Sales Representatives

Course Curriculum

To obtain the Marketing Associate Degree, students are required to complete 60 credits. Courses may be taken on a full-time, online or part-time basis.

Year 1

Study information

start:16 September 2022 – campus
17 August 2022 – online studies
19 October 2022 – online studies
11 January 2022 – online studies
15 March 2022 – online studies.
Place of Study:Mogadishu, and Online Studies
Application Deadline:Continuous recording. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received.
Duration::2 year full-time (campus and online studies)
3 years part-time (online studies only)
Degree::Associate Degree (Professional Degree)


Jibril Mohamed

Program leader and subject teacher.

Rooda Mohamed

Subject instructor

Ahmed Shiraac

Subject instructor

Mohamed Aden

Subject instructor

In this course, you will gain knowledge about the different factors that drive social media marketing. You will be introduced to key digital marketing knowledge about copyright and social media policies but most importantly develop skills to create a successful social media strategy and campaigns. In addition to strategy and campaigns, youll learn how to measure your results.

  • This course prepares the learner to apply basic accounting principles in the preparation of financial statements for external reporting. Students will become skilled in the bookkeeping process which leads to the preparation of the financial statements.
  • This course is designed to serve as an introduction to the basic principles of marketing, practices, and the application of these practices. This course examines our present-day marketing system from a managerial point of view and has a current events component to help emphasize the marketing principles in today’s business world.
  • This academic writing skills course has comprehensive lessons. Each lesson includes a practical assignment which is designed to help you improve your writing. All assignments are personally marked and graded by your tutor, so you’ll be receiving expert feedback at each stage of the course.
  • In this course, students will introduced to the principles of sales. Topics, such as the effective prospecting skills, preparing customer presentations, handling customer objections and closing a sale will be discussed. Students will recognize the responsibilities and ethics of a sales person. Students will develop skills for and an understanding of the basics of business-to-business contracts.
  • This Introduction to Business Law is a program designed to equip you with a thorough understanding of the fundamental principals of commercial law. This course will give you foundation knowledge about the origins of our legal system and the framework in which businesses operate.

    This business law course covers the many facets of commercial law, the origins of law, the legal framework in which business operates, torts, defamation, negotiable instruments, business entities and the laws pertaining to business financial dealings.

  • The purpose of this course is to discuss the effects on modern business of the widespread application of information technology, including the evolution of new business models. We focus on electronic commerce as a highly visible example of the impact of information technology on international business.
  • This course is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to start creating video content for social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, …

Year 2

In this Communication Skills course, you learn how to achieve results in your communications with others and build collaborative relationships that emphasize trust and respect to your company.

  • The managers who are with multinational companies should be very careful and have the knowledge about the ethical and unethical values and should select only the ethical actions. This Business ethics course is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics, that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that can arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizations.

International marketing refers to any marketing activity that occurs across borders. Types of international marketing include export, licensing, franchising, joint venture, and foreign direct investment. Global marketing aims to satisfy the needs of global customers.

This online course provides a brief introduction to basic skills related to the Norwegian speaking skills, communication skills, ‘ everyday life, basic skills and profiles for basic skills at work. Basic Norwegian is an age-independent and level-based plan that focuses on beginner education in Norwegian.

In this course, is a social science concerned with the study of society and human behaviour and relationships. … The subject matter is diverse and can cover anything from, social class, crime and law, poverty, education and more theoretical wider issues such as the impact of radical change to whole societies.

In this course, you will understand the skills necessary for the effective practice of public relations, including professional writing skills, strategic thinking, planning, organization and crisis management.

In this course, you will understand the skills necessary for the effective practice of public speaking, enhancing your presentation skills for greater impact with any audience

The course provides an introduction to accounting from the manager’s viewpoint. Areas covered include the collection and reporting of accounting information to both internal and external users, as well as the use and interpretation of publicity available accounting information. The role of accounting in supporting the management functions of planning, control and decision-making is also covered. Indicative topics include preparation and presentation of a simple income statement and balance sheet, including the need for adjustments such as depreciation, accruals, prepayments and bad debts; the difference between profit and cash; interpretation of an income statement and a balance sheet using ratio analysis; costing: cost behaviour; marginal costing – methods and uses; absorption costing- methods and uses; budgeting: nature and purpose of budgeting; its contribution to planning, control and motivation in an organisation and preparation of simple budgets.

  • This subject provides an introduction to the main characteristics of the laws that govern the relationships between the main stakeholders in international society (public international law). We will cover topics such as the use of force, the law of the sea, aviation law, environmental law, etc.
  • The course will introduce students to a range of issues and challenges confronting strategic leaders of public, private and third sector organisations in a turbulent global environment. It will focus on the many conflicting perspectives within the subject of strategic management and consider the problems involved in researching and developing strategies and plans and implementing them within the limitations of the organisation. It considers a range of analytical techniques and concepts, both applying them and critically evaluating their usefulness through the use of case study work. The course includes a comprehensive review of current strategic issues, identifying the contradictions and paradoxical nature of strategic decision-making and strategic planning.

Entry Requirements:

Document Requirements:

  • You will be required to submit the following documentation with your application as proof you meet the entry requirements of this associate’s degree programme. If you have not yet completed your current secondary school, then you can still apply and you can provide your High School Certificate at a later date.

Your Secondary’s or University Certificate and Transcript:

  • Upload your secondary school’s certificate or university’s certificate and a full transcript showing all the subjects you studied and the marks you have achieved in your high school (s) (original) or university if you are planning to earn double bachelor degree.

Personal Statement:

  • A photo passport and a detailed personal statement explaining your motivation for this particular bachelor’s degree programme.

You can apply and upload documents here


Application Fees: $50

Tuition fee per semester: $200

Two-time payment per semester: $300

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