Supervision And Management Skills

This certificate online course, will teach you effective supervision and management skills in critical ensuring operational goals. In this course, students will learn how to supervise and manage others, including tips for resolving conflicts and special situations. So, why wait? Start this course today and learn what it takes to supervise and manage others. The course is one of our professional certification courses from The Executive Professional Programs. This Executive Professional Program training course will empower you with practical skills and develop the skills and techniques successful supervisor practices in an everyday working environment.


Course Objectives:-

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The course will take only 5 days maximum to finish. Even if you have busy days, then you still have 30 days to finalize the course. After 30 days the course will automatically be clossed.

This course is online 100%, and there is no physical classes to attend. All course materials are ready. We upload documents, presentations, images, and resources. Students advance their careers, learn new skills, and explore different hobbies by teaching what you’re passionate about. UNIGOVEC shares a passion for learning, technology, and building successful organizations.

You can pay your course fee by following these steps:

1. Tel: 0610171010 – by using EVC Plus, Zaad, Sahal

2. Our Bank Accounts:
Salaam Somali Bank: 3524 1389 (The University of Government and Economics) Haddii aad telefonkaaga kasoo dirayso *799*koontada*lacagta#

Premier Bank Account: 02030 1244001 (The University of Government and Economics)

3. Visa Card or MasterCard

All our online students get their certificates within 24 hours through email, maximum 2 days. As soon as you finish your course you can contact us by email: or chat with us on WhatsApp: +2526101 71010

The instructor has prepared the course already. He or she won’t be live online. The most important thing UNIGOVEC expects that you will be able to learn anything just by yourself. The benefit of learning on your own is that you can explore different ways of thinking.

In this online course, there is no grade point requirements in order to get your course certificate. The Executive Professional Program’s certificate from The University of Government and Economics is all about Professional Development Programs.

For course registration please contact with us through WhatsApp or email:


WhatsApp: +252610171010


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Student & Ideas

The UNIGOVEC courses is a life and results that’s represent success and rich a quality knowledge it delivered many of us in their homes in a easy way those could not have time to go in knowledge area. - Tilburg, Netherlands
Abdirahman Mohamed
Student from Tilburg, Netherlands
Fikirkaan waxbarashada ee UNIGOVEC aad ayaan ula dhacay runtii. Aad baan ugu faraxsanahay inaan helno jaamacad online ah oo noocaan oo kale ah. Waxaan ku faraxsanahay inaan kamid noqdo ardeydii ugu horeeyey ee ka qalin-jabisa jaamacadaan. Mahadsanidiin
Farhan Ali Halane
Lørenskog, Norway
Hannaankan waxbarashada Online-ka ee Jaamacadda Dowladda iyo Dhaqaalaha, runtii waa mid si heersare ah loo diyaariyay. Farxad bay ii tahay in aan ka mid ahay ardayda sida tooska ugu xidhan, sida joogtada ahna u qaata hadba koorsooyinka kala duwan ee ay jaamacaddu bixiso.
Cabdifataax Barawani
Student from Kampala, Uganda

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