Our Priorities, Principles, Rights, and Responsibilities

The University’s strategic priorities and commitments are advancing U of T’s vision and mission to be a catalyst for social well-being, prosperity, and vitality in our communities.

Ramaas University as higher educational institution was founded on the premise of creating the human capital it requires for Somalia to achieve better socio-economic activity. Our academic curriculum focuses on delivering required knowledge for young people to be agents of sustainable peace, strong institutions, poverty reduction, and inclusive politics. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of leaders that can transform Somalia and society in a world that is changing faster than ever before. Furthermore, we aim to see where everyone receives the higher education regardless of who is she or he and financial status.

We exist, because to meet the present-day demand for knowledge and learning in society with a difference. Knowledge-savvy studies, online admission, continuous evaluation, a high-quality supported distance learning is enabled through innovative teaching and assessment. Our curriculum is designed to be accessible to all students. Admissions must be offered to all eligible students based on merit. 

The primary purposes of priorities, principles, rights, responsibilities and disciplines in our university are to protect the well-being of the community and to advance its educational mission by defining and establishing certain norms of behavior. At Ramaas University, disciplinary proceedings have a role that is subordinate to positive guidance, rational admonition, and reasonable appeal to members of the Ramaas University to observe its stated norms. The disciplinary system establishes procedures for a fair hearing, including advising individuals fully of the charges against them, affording them ample opportunity to speak on their behalf, and requiring a clear explanation of their rights of appeal.

Disciplinary proceedings are instituted only for violations of standards of conduct defined in advance and published, or for actions that can be reasonably deduced as violations in light of those specifically defined as such.

At Ramaas University, disciplinary proceedings have a role that is subordinate to positive guidance, rational admonition, and reasonable appeal to members of the Ramaas University to observe its stated norms. Our principles serve as the lens through which we develop the strategic aims and all the supporting strategies and their implementations.

To help you, and other students we want to reduce the risk of harm or injury causes by the criminal behavior of other students, they must know about any relevant criminal convictions that you have. Relevant criminal convictions are only those convictions for offences against the person, whether of a violent or sexual nature, and convictions for offences involving unlawfully supplying controlled Drugs (Sida Qaadka, Sigaarka, Xashiiska, Tabuuga iwm) or substances where the conviction concerns commercial drug dealing or trafficking. Convictions that are as defined the above are not considered to be relevant and you should not reveal them.

Af soomaali: Waxaa lagaa saari doonaa waxbarashada Jaamacadda haddii laguugu arko waxwalbo oo la xariiro gacan ka hadalka gudaha jaamacadda iyo maandooriyaha: (Sida Qaadka, Sigaarka, Xashiiska, Tabuuga iwm)

Ramaas University is also involved in many national and international partnership and collaborations where we can build strong institution. We will work global institutions and research partners with complementary skill sets, ambitions and networks, so that together we can address pressing and emerging environmental, social and economic challenges efficiently and effectively.

Ramaas University does not tolerate any sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment. According to our norms, such conduct is harmful to the well-being of our community members, our learning and working environments, and the collegial relationships among students, faculty, and staff that characterize the culture of Ramaas.

Af soomaali: Jaamacadda Ramaas uma dulqaadanayso wax kasta oo anshax-xumo ah, oo ay ka mid tahay faraxumaynta. Marka loo eego hab-dhaqankayaga, hab-dhaqanka noocan ahi waxa uu dhaawac ku yahay wanaagga xubnaha bulshadayada, waxbarashadayada iyo deegaanka shaqada, iyo xidhiidhka wadashaqayneed ee ardayda, macalimiinta iyo shaqaalaha ee lagu garto dhaqanka Ramaas.

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