Ramaas Research Institute


Ramaas’s research spans all the social sciences, security, economics, businesses and management, technology, governance,  politics and law, health and science, public policy, human rights, inequality and social justice. 

This is the first Somali Institute for Defense & International Studies. Its stated objectives are to conduct research and provide essays to students from The University of Government and Economics in the area of Security and Defense Policy, Governance,  Economics and international relations. 

Meet Our Team

Jibril Mohamed Ahmed

Vice President and Lecturer at Ramaas University

Hawa Osman, Ph.D

Academic Researcher

Academic Researcher and member of Ramaas Research Institute

Roda Mohamed

Business Researcher

Business researcher and member of Ramaas Research Institute

Wafa W. Ahmed

Health Researcher & Sustainability

Health Researcher & Sustainability and member of Ramaas Research Institute

Foad Warsame Abdi

Researcher & Instructor

He is an academic researcher and member of Ramaas Research

Sadik Abdi Adawe

Instructor and Researcher

He is an academic and researcher at Ramaas Research Institute

Abdijabaar Sh. Ahmed

RRI Director

The Director of Ramaas Research Institute

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