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Bachelor's Degree Programmes

The 4-year Bachelor of International Business Management programme is intended for young candidates who are looking for a career in business and management in today’s global commercial context. Prepare yourself for success in the global business environment as you learn management, digital, marketing and financial expertise.

A Bachelor of Business Administration​ degree programme can prepare students for careers in operations, sales management, healthcare administration, marketing, or among others. If you have a passion for business and a talent for organization, you will thrive on this business major. Level up your communication, problem solving, and management skills. Do you want to start your career?

A Bachelor of Economics at RU, you’ll explore how the decisions of institutions and individuals interact to determine outcomes for the economy and society. We provide formal and rigorous training in economics and its different schools of thought, giving you a more comprehensive perspectives. With a Bachelor of Economics degree, you can pursue various career paths, including economist, financial analyst, management consultant, Project management specialist, statistician and Market research analyst.

This Bachelor of Accounting degree at Ramaas University is designed to develop your knowledge and skills in reporting, analysing and managing financial resources in business and government entities. The Bachelor of Accounting is designed to develop your knowledge and skills in reporting, analysing and managing financial resources in business and government entities. A degree in accounting opens up various career paths including accountant, chartered accountant, tax advisor, management accountant, forensic accountant, and investment banker.

Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship enables graduates to think globally and laterally, armed with the tools and networks to dream big and incite change. Your education, training and qualifications will empower you to develop your entrepreneurial ideas in the arts and humanities into successful new ventures. Do you want to start your own business one day?

A Bachelor of Banking and Finance degree at Ramaas University provides the students with the essentials of banking and financial knowledge. The objective of the Banking and Finance program is to train students to a level reflective of international standards required of a banking and finance professional and reflective of the needs of the industry in a globalized banking and finance environment. Do you have a career in banking and finance?

Bachelor of Project Management degree at Ramaas University is 4 years degree programme. The programme courses comprise of formative and summative assessment as well as group work and presentations. This pathway provides students with a comprehensive understanding of business project management concepts. Do you want to be a great project manager? If yes, this degree is your choice.

BA in Health Care Management​ degree at Ramaas University you will learn healthcare regulations, and the know how’s of finance, marketing and human resource management in the healthcare system. This interdisciplinary course gives students an edge through its practice-based learning and conceptual methodology. This degree provides you critical understanding of health and social care policy in today’s fast-changing care sector.

Bachelor of Information Technology degree is globally skills continue to be in high demand from businesses in many sectors and this IT degree is designed to help you meet the needs of these businesses so that you can pursue a rewarding career. This degree program from Ramaas University will empower you to fulfil your academic potential and help you gain the industry-specific and interpersonal skills you need to work as an IT professional. Do you have a goal?

Bachelor of Human Resource Management and Psychology degree programme from Ramaas University covers areas such as recruitment and selection, training and developing and managing conflict at work. You’ll learn the role psychology plays in organization, and how it can be used to improve employee performance and business outcomes.

Bachelor of Management Information Systems degree ensures you understand how the jigsaw of business fits together, how to structure systems effectively and make the most of their increasingly enhanced capabilities to support business. You’ll learn how to set up business processes in a scalable way, to identify and support organizational information needs, ensuring technology enables rather than hinders you.

Bachelor of Operations Management at Ramaas University, you will learn how operations can achieve competitive advantages through planning, sourcing, making, delivering products and services to global businesses and their customers. This degree will prepare you for leadership roles in this dynamic industry. You’ll have the skills to manage operations and business across a range of industries.

A Bachelor of Supply Chain and Logisitics​ Management degree at Ramaas University is a comprehensive knowledge of business, supply chain as well as acquire essential logistics and project management skills. Students will understand supply chain strategy, international supply chains function, and how to create and manage sustainable logistics.

Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management degree opens doors to the largest and fast-growing sector of the economy. Studying Hospitality and Tourism Management here at Ramaas University gives you the chance to study this subject in the context of management, strategy, marketing, enterprise, economics and ethics.

Bachelor of Public Relations and Marketing Management degree at Ramaas University offers a defined focus on becoming a Public Relations specialist with a marketing degree. All our courses in this major will enable you to gain the academic knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed in a Public Relations and marketing career.

Bachelor of Land and Water Management degree from Ramaas University addresses problems of drought in Somalia and floods, which put food production at risk in large parts of Somalia and world. You will combine knowledge of social and natural sciences, study the roles of various stakeholders and design land and water management improvement plans. The area of courses covers mostly in Somalia.

A Bachelor of Digital Innovation Business program equips students with the skills to bridge the gap between business and technology. Do you want to be a part of the digital transformation and innovate businesses? By combining the understanding of core business with technical abilities, you will be equipped to create sustainable organisations and add value.

The Bachelor of Global Economics and Management degree at Ramaas University provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the complex and interrelated economic and political forces that shape our globalized world. Career Prospects: financial institutions, consulting, agencies, and global firms.

The Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management from Ramaas University combines study in agricultural production and science with a variety of business disciplines, preparing you for entrepreneurial, management and leadership roles in the agricultural sector. As the agricultural industry undergoes rapid transformation, agribusiness companies, including the major banks, are seeking employees skilled in business, management and finance, and who have technical agricultural training.

Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems from Ramaas University students become highly valued in a variety of exciting careers. These include roles addressing the challenges of food security, sustainability, community development in urban areas, and more. Graduates are well-positioned to transition quickly into the market when internship and job opportunities present themselves.

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management is a degree programme from Ramaas University that combines engineering, business, management and leadership courses. It prepares students for careers in various industries by providing a comprehensive understanding of industrial engineering principles and practices. The program focuses on improving and emphasizing productivity and service quality, and healthcare, public, airports, and finance.

Bachelor of Fashion and Brand Management degree from Ramaas University blends core business subjects with specialized courses related to fashion and brand management. This program provides an excellent foundation for a successful career in the fashion, retail, or brand management industry. It covers a range of topics, including marketing, merchandising, logistics, sales, retailing, and more.

A Bachelor of Airline and Airport Management degree programme from Ramaas University is an exciting field of study that prepares graduates for careers in the aviation industry. This program is designed in collaboration with senior aviation managers. It recognizes the demand for graduates with sound business skills and a comprehensive understanding of the entire aviation system.

The Bachelor of Computing & IT and Business is a degree that combines the fields of computing and business. This degree programme recognizes that these two subjects are closely intertwined in the modern workplace. Students divide their time equally between computing & IT and business courses. This degree provides insights into markets, organizations, processes, strategies, policies, and decision-making.

A Bachelor of Psychology with Business Management degree programme from Ramaas University is an intriguing combination that blends insights from psychology with essential business skills. The program allows you to study Psychology with Business Management for developing skills relevant to the fast-paced business world including clinical, child development, cognitive, forensic, health, social, and applied psychology. Do you have a career?

A Bachelor of Real Estate Management programme from Ramaas University is a four-year degree program that prepares students for careers in the real estate industry. The program covers topics such as salesmanship, brokerage, consultancy, appraisal, and asset management. The university’s goal is to develop students’ skills and knowledge in real estate market analysis, lease negotiation, and real estate asset management. The program also trains students to practice with integrity, objectivity, and equity.

Bachelor of Commercial Flight and Aviation Leadership degree programme from Ramaas University is designed for students interested in becoming managers in the airline industry. The programme is a four-year and it provides a comprehensive education for aspiring pilots and aviation professionals. Students will study various aviation-oriented courses related to flight operations, the aviation industry, leadership, and ethics.

A Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences and Economics degree programme from Ramaas University covers the applications of mathematics to economics and financial modeling. In this program, students receive rigorous training in both fundamental and applied mathematics, including topics such as statistics, algorithm analysis. Students will also study economics topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. 

A Bachelor of Mathematics and Statistics degree programme from Ramaas University equips you with the skills needed to develop and apply advanced statistical methods and theories. The courses cover a wide range of topics including algebra, calculus, geometry, number theory, and more. Students wil learn how to draw accurate conclusions from data and develop expertise in statistical modeling. The courses focus on understanding complex mathematical structures and solving real-world problems.

The Bachelor of Public Safety Administration degree programme from Ramaas University is designed for professionals and pre-professionals interested in police, fire, and disaster and emergency management practices and administration. If you want to make a difference in the lives of your fellow citizens and contribute to the safety of your country, this program might be a great fit for you. The programme addresses the evolving challenges posed by both man-made and natural disasters, including events like terrorist attacks, natural calamities, and emergencies.

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