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Bachelor's Degree Programmes

A Bachelor of International Relations and Diplomacy degree programme from Ramaas University is an intriguing field of study that delves into global affairs, diplomacy, and international cooperation. The goal of this programme is to prepare students, personally and professionally, for future leadership roles in an international setting. Do you have a career in diplomatic, regional security and global affairs?

Bachelor of National Security and Intelligence Studies is four years program from Ramaas University. This degree is helping to meet this need by preparing students for understanding national security, government policy, military and civilian law enforcements. The university is offered both online and on campus, so that you can find the best way to reach your goals. Do you have career goals?

Bachelor of Political Science and Governance at Ramaas University is a 4-year undergraduate programme that deals with systems of governance and power, and the analysis of political thought, political behavior, and constitutional laws. Its focus is on historical and modern political systems, public administration, governmental policies, and public affairs. Your country needs great thinkers, do you?

Bachelor of Public Policy equips you with a comprehensive understanding of Somali public policies and related international policies. Are you seeking a dynamic career in politics, the public service, advocacy organisations, not-for-profit, community services or private industry? This program from Ramaas University is designed to develop the skills and knowledge you need to gather and analyse a range of economic, demographic and social data, to evaluate public policies and programs.

The PPE qualification is an internationally recognized ‘degree’, respected for its rigorous training, that immediately gives students entrance into a variety of careers related to economics and political policy making, from journalism to diplomatic service. The PPE programme from Ramaas University will give you in-depth knowledge and insight into three highly influential academic areas that examine urgent global challenges and potential solutions.

A Bachelor of Law degree from Ramaas University gives you a unique opportunity to explore the law from a social science perspective such as society, politics, economics and business. You will develop a critical awareness of the common law legal tradition such as Xeer: the traditional legal system is prevalent in Somalia. Xeer predates Islam and plays a significant role in resolving disputes within communities. And you will apply problem-solving skills to a range of legal and non-legal settings. Do you want to be a lawyer?

This bachelor’s degree program has endeavored to educate students and the wider community about past and ongoing injustices and how to recognize systemic violence. The program has also worked to equip students with the tools to challenge and transform a system that allows injustice to continue.

This Bachelor of Government and International Politics degree is undergraduate program offered by Ramaas University in Faculty of Government and Defense, is an intriguing field of study that delves into political issues, prominent actors, and processes in government, foreign policy, and international affairs.

A Bachelor of Social Work program generally offer students a broad foundation for generalist social work practice. A BSW degree tends to take a generalist approach to social work so that you can gain a broad understanding of the profession and pursue any number of different paths after graduation. Do you want to be social worker as your dream work?

The Bachelor of Global Development Studies is a four-year study program that aims to create an increased understanding of the conditions leading to differences in social and economic development across various countries and regions. It provides knowledge of global relations and development processes from an interdisciplinary perspective and a social science point of view.

Bachelor of Sociology and Politics brings together two subjects that are intrinsically linked within society. This degree from Ramaas University will prepare you to tackle a wide range of pressing issues within politics and society and provide an excellent opportunity for you to explore the social changes reshaping the world today. Everyone’s journey in life goals is different. Set your goal today and start your dream degree.

The Bachelor of Public Administration degree programme from Ramaas University equips you with a comprehensive understanding of society’s most intractable challenges in areas like housing, poverty and environment. Students will learn how public administrators translate theory into practice, enacting policies that set quantifiable goals and achieve measurable results. Do you have a career in public?

A Bachelor of Peace, War and Conflict Resolution degree at RU you will critically investigate violent conflict including war, genocide, state violence, terrorism, as well as conflict resolution. Drawing on philosophy, history and cultural politics, you will focus in particular on the war on terror, the Cold War, the two world wars, the collapse of Somali government, colonial warfare as well as genocide, torture and humanitarian intervention.

Ramaas University offers Bachelor of Arts in communication studies program with an emphasis in journalism. A bachelor’s degree of journalism prepares students to relay factual information and empower citizens to make informed decisions. The courses of this program gives you a critical understanding of the media field while providing a grounding in journalism disciplines and techniques.

The Bachelor of Crime, Justice and Society degree programme from Ramaas University typically involves studying criminology, society of law, and related fields. The programme focuses on crime as a social problem within Somali framework and Global. The goal is to prepare students for professional and research careers in criminal justice and related fields by applying comparative social science to contribute to the development of society and public policy.

This Bachelor of African Studies degree is fascinating! In today’s globalized world, the continent plays an increasingly important role in international social and cultural developments. Would you like to explore the many sides of Africa and its impact on the rest of the world, while also learning one of its languages? Our African Studies BA programme will give you a truly multidisciplinary perspective on the continent.

A Bachelor of Geography and Politics degree program is comprehensive understanding about the world and big issues such as the environment and human rights. Studying our Geography and Politics BA you will tackle contemporary global challenges and explore the spatial dynamics of human behaviors whilst exploring the fundamental choices. 

A Bachelor of Environmental Science at Ramaas University is a program that prepares students for rewarding careers as environmental specialists. Students acquire theoretical and experiential knowledge, and the curriculum covers a wide range of topics related to environmental processes, natural resources management, and the human population.

Bachelor of Social Anthropology from Ramaas University focuses on issues of globalism, ethnic politics, nationalisms, diaspora formation, linguistic and semiotic anthropology, and media. Ramaas’s mission in this degree programme focuses on the cultural features of modern cities, businesses, politics, and trends in Somalia and African societies as well as barter economies, ritual life, and family-based organization principles in other areas of the world.

Bachelor of Islamic Governance Studies offers an insider’s perspective on Islamic governance, civilization, culture and political. All our courses draw on the expertise of internationally published faculty. The program introduces students to the major issues and debates in the study of the Islamic Governance and societies. Students study historical and contemporary topics as well as methodology from both Somali and global perspectives.

Bachelor of Security and Africa Studies is a core component of the Faculty of Government and Defense at Ramaas University is pivotal to crafting the future Somali military leadership in the African continent and globally. The primary focus of this programme at Ramaas University is to focus African securty as well as global security: environmental, historical, political, strategic and socio-economic.

Bachelor of Human Geography and Social Policy from Ramaas University is the study of the interrelationships between people, place, and environment, and how these vary spatially and temporally across and between locations shaping the lives and activities of people, and their interactions with places and nature. The degree program covers many different perspectives and brings them together to create a distinctive way of understanding the world.

Bachelor of Human Rights and Social Justice degree from Ramaas University gives you deep theoretical and practical knowledge. You’ll examine some of the most critical issues related to ethnicity, social justice, and system of government. Students will also learn the skills needed to lead positive change for marginalized communities. This program prepares you for a rewarding career where you can make a difference in your community and around the world.

This Bachelor of Culture, Environment and Social Change degree will enable you to explore the most important issues in the world today. The program explores critical global issues such as climate change, resource depletion, mass migration, social inequality and social inequality. You’ll examine critical issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives in order to make sense of a complex and dynamically changing world at a variety of different scales.

A bachelor degree of history is a four-year undergraduate programme from Ramaas University. In this degree students will critically examine the past and understand how it has shaped the present, students will also focus on analysis and evaluation, rather than memorization of dates and facts. The program will focus on Somali history, African history and global history. Are you interested to study this major? Remember, studying history gives students communication and critical thinking skills that can be applied to a variety of career paths.

Bachelor of Community Advocacy and Social Policy degree programme from Ramaas University emphasizes understanding the needs of historically underserved individuals, families, and communities both locally and international bodies. The programme focuses on strategies for advocating change through an in-depth exploration, analysis, and comparison of social service systems and policies. This degree Programme provides students with the tools they need to advance their social justice aspirations.

Bachelor of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics you’ll explore Islamic ethics whether philosophical or theological, emerged from early discussions about topics such as predetermination (qadar), obligation, and how eternal questions at the heart of religion and philosophy have been considered through the ages. This degree programme from Ramaas University students will engage with controversial issues affecting diverse cultures and societies across Africa, Americas, Middle East, the Asia, and Europe

Bachelor of Marine Geography degree programme at Ramaas University explores the science behind the relationship between society and the sea and investigate global challenges like ocean acidification and rising sea levels. Your career options may include: marine biologist, environmental consultant, pollution control, fisheries and aquaculture, modelling and meteorology, oceanographer, coastal planning and marine parks, marine education and tourism, environmental assessment and planning.

This specialised bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice will teach you to draw upon knowledge and perspectives from disciplines including criminology, law, psychology, history, anthropology, geography, and forensic science. Through this, you’ll be exposed to the breadth of contemporary criminology and criminal justice issues. You will learn about the role Criminology plays in understanding crime and how we deal with it, as well as effective criminal justice interventions.

Bachelor of Geography and Environmental Science degree programme from Ramaas University is an exciting field that combines the study of physical geography, environmental processes, and spatial data science, interactions with Development, Urban, and Cultural Geography. Students will learn advanced analytical and technical skills that can be applied to real-world issues. Graduates find employment in various sectors, including financial services, NGOs, government bodies, and research fields.

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